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Is Cloth Diapering Worth It?

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Cloth diapering has been around forever, but in a world of convenience it can be seen as an alternative and sometimes even crazy choice! Moving away from disposable diapers is an excellent way to reduce your baby's carbon footprint. Modern cloth diapers are easier to use and launder than traditional diapers. No safety pins, detachable inserts and comfortable, lightweight materials all make the modern cloth diaper a great solution to your baby's needs. 

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Newborn Diaper Cover

Our newborn diaper cover is designed to fit babies weighing 3-6 Kg. It is perfect for use with our bamboo inserts! The outside of the diaper is made from soft, waterproof PUL which helps to prevent leaks. This is the perfect start to your cloth diaper collection.


Newborn Bamboo Inserts

Our newborn bamboo inserts are made with 80% bamboo fibre and 20% polyester. They measure 11 x 28 cm and are suitable for use with our newborn diaper covers.


Waterproof Diaper Bag

This zippable diaper bag is perfect for the cloth diapered baby at home or on the go! Made from super waterproof material you can be confident that there will be no leaks. 


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